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Eco-friendly compostable fabric / We dedicate to producing functional and sustainable fabrics and compound materials.

Eco-friendly compostable fabric

Compostable Fabric

From Plastic to Compost

Many of the fibers commonly used in traditional textiles, such as polyester and nylon, are not easily compostable. Moreover, their production consumes significant resources and energy, exacerbating the climate crisis.

Huiliang's biodegradable textiles can help mitigate these adverse effects. They can naturally compose after disposal, reducing the amount of waste in landfills and oceans, thus contributing to alleviating plastic pollution.

Compostable Fabric

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CELYS™ Compostable Smart Temp 4-way Stretch Fleece Softshell - Celys environmentally friendly CELYS™ Compostable Smart Temp Softshell
CELYS™ Compostable Smart Temp 4-way Stretch Fleece Softshell

The CELYS™ Compostable fiber selected by Huiliang, according to TUV Rheinland lab test report,...

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Compostable Fabric | Knitted Fabric - Functional Fabrics Manufacturer | HL

Based in Taiwan since 2000, Hui Liang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a high functional textile manufacturer. Their main functional fabric products include, Compostable Fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, water repellent mesh fabric, sustainable and eco-friendly fabric, recycled fabric, single jersey fabric, antimicrobial fabric and sun protective fabric, which are delivered with tests of ASTM, AATCC, JIS and ISO.

Hui Liang is a high technical company which supplies textile material like Hockey equipment, sports gear, apparel, workwear, awnings, shade etc..Develop new environment friendly material is the direction of our innovation center. With more than 20 years experience, HL is specialized in Sustainable Fabric, Functional Fabric, Knit Fabric, Woven Fabric manufacture.

HL has been providing its customers with high performance functional textiles, both with high-quality manufacturing technology, and with 20 years of experience, HL ensures that every customer's needs are met.